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Omnopolis, city of flowers, city of lights—without a doubt, the single most colorful city…

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In a Tide of Blood

Philip’s voice came out of her car radio on a hot day, harmonizing with the sour breath of the broken air conditioner, and Laila felt it like his fingertips traced the sweat drops…

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Seeking Flesh

Lately, I had been feeling a dangerous shift in the air. It was as if something horrible was brewing…

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Sparkle and Shine

“Your mother looked nice today.” I try to make conversation as I slip the Rolex—bought for me on our first anniversary—from my wrist…

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Children of Itzamná

Our automated limo came to a stop at the last security zone.
“Now play the part, Malinal,” I said, fingers casually running down the front of my strapless bodice…

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Fixed and Gone

All I needed was safe passage out of the Untethered and into the Real, but there was only one way for a haint like me to get it…

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